Payroll services

A happy employee is one who receives his correctly calculated salary on time. To ensure this, we take care of the following:

  • Preparation of pay slips based on time sheets kept by the client
  • Recreational leave calculations
  • Sick leave calculations
  • Management of benefits in kind
  • Preparation of pay slips
  • Creation of personalized pay slips on request
  • Creation of payment files
  • Issue and submission of 112 Form

The list of salary services is not limited to the above. It can be supplemented with other services according to the clients’ wishes, such as:

  • Creation of personalized book-keeping files
  • Issue of employee certificates (necessary for doctor, banks, unemployment agency, pension etc.)
  • Checking and transfer of timesheets
  • Keeping holiday records
  • Preparation of sick leave documents and submission to the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAS)
  • Preparation and submission of the documentation for the collection of receivables from the National Fund of Health Insurance (FNUASS)
  • Wage garnishments accounts
  • Payroll preparation for the administrator and addition to 112 Form
  • Entry and recording of declarations for non-resident posted staff
  • Administration of the posted residents
  • Preparation of documents for employees exempt from corporate income tax
  • Personalized reporting in Romanian, English and German
  • Preparation of statistical reports (for staff)
  • Representation in front of the control authorities

Personnel administration

Free yourself from the worries of keeping personnel files and from labour inspections and allow us to provide the following services:

  • Creation of personnel files
  • Preparation of addendums, suspension decisions, termination decisions
  • Creation and updating of the Revisal database for employment, dissolution, changes, termination of employment contracts
  • Transmission of the Revisal database to the employee directory (Reges)
  • Preparation of disciplinary investigation documents
  • Preparation of documents for pregnant women
  • Assistance in drawing up Internal Regulations
  • Assistance in drawing up collective work agreements
  • Assistance in the preparation of other personnel-related documents
  • Representation in front of the control authorities

Enveloping of documents

We offer enveloping services for documents such as: pay slips, customer invoices, payment requests, reminders, enforcement orders, balance confirmations and other similar documents that must be sent in paper form.

The service is comprehensive and includes all steps of the process: data transfer under confidentiality conditions, preparation and printing of documents, packaging in sealed envelopes and dispatch according to customer requirements.

Worldwide payroll services

Our many years of experience in this field crosses the borders of Romania and Europe.

We offer salary services in accordance with the international legislation, on a procedural basis. We have already worked with companies from Germany, Sweden and the United States and we are open to worldwide partnerships.

We have the necessary capacity and knowledge to adapt to local laws and procedures and to quickly learn the ERP-specific programs and systems of a foreign company. Communication and reporting can be conducted in English or German.