Our achievements become yours too.

Any company, no matter how big or small, needs partners they can trust, experts in their area of expertise, who can bring new solutions and perspectives and who can help the company grow and meet their targets. We want to be this kind of partner for you, by offering you the possibility of working with an experienced team that can take over some of your responsibilities, with utmost confidentiality and professionalism. Our goal is to prevent our partners from wasting time and money on internal administrative human resources operations and help them stop worrying about the dynamics of the current legislation.

We are a team of accounting experts, specialised in payroll and personnel administration services. We earned our experience in various fields: from service companies with only one employee to corporations with a production activity of over 250 employees.

We have faced many professional challenges and developed further by solving various cases in the automotive, construction and IT sectors, such as: benefits in kind, shift work, overtime, tax exemptions, secondments, A1 form exemptions.

After years of practice and studies in this field, we decided to improve the quality level of the services by creating PHS, a company specialised in payroll accounting and personnel management. We are able to get closer to our clients and thus offer them real added value.

Our team is dynamic, flexible and oriented towards sustainable solutions. We use cutting-edge equipment, modern IT-solutions and continuously develop procedures to optimize our customers’ operations.

You should choose PHS because we are…


We always work together as a team with our clients and we give them our undivided attention. We get involved in each and every process, we come up with new ideas and we search for the best solutions to existing or potential problems.


Our team consists of experienced employees and we continuously invest in their professional training. We take full responsibility for our actions and we hold ourselves accountable for the activities we undertake.


We adapt to the client’s wishes and are ready to apply new working methods, other than the ones we are used to. We are open to new challenges and to new ideas in this area.


We conduct our business following well-established procedures, and we always maintain discipline at our workplace. We respect deadlines, as we manage our time and resources very efficiently.

We will help you to…

Minimise the time and costs

By outsourcing some internal company processes, you automatically gain time that can later be invested in other activities. Even more, our clients no longer have to look for skilled personnel, thus reducing internal costs.

Increase control

We provide our services in an objective manner, without self-interest, so that the clients reduce their risk of internal fraud. We therefore represent an additional control instrument over the activity of the human resources department of a given company.

Protect your data

By outsourcing, you entrust a professional with the management and security of the personal data and salary-related information. In this way, you prevent the data from reaching unauthorised people through your own employees.

Diminish the risks

The delegation process means transferring responsibility for the activity carried out. By doing so, you reduce risks, as we take responsibility and answer for the processes our clients entrust us with.

Who do we work with?

Because you get better results and you can solve the most complex problems when you work in a team,
we chose to collaborate with specialists from similar areas of expertise: